Prayer Request

Jesus dictated the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to Sister Faustina in Vilnius in 1935. In the revelations that followed He disclosed to
her its value and efficacy, as well as the promises He attached to it.

In this prayer we are offering "the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity" of Jesus Christ to God the Father. We are uniting
ourselves with His sacrifice offered on the Cross for the salvation
of the world. By offering God the Father His "most dearly beloved Son", we are using the most convincing argument with which to be heard. We are asking for mercy "for us and for the whole world.
" The word "us" refers to the person reciting the chaplet and those for whom he desires to offer it or for whom he should pray. The "whole world" indicates all people living on earth and the souls in Purgatory. By praying the words of this chaplet we are performing an act of love towards our neighbour, which along with trust, is the indispensable condition for obtaining graces.

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