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This year the Novena for the Feast of the Divine Mercy was celebrated in Bangalore at Logos Retreat Centre from April 6th – April 15th 2007(Divine Mercy Sunday).

During the 9 days many eminent speakers preached the Word of God. Among them were:

1) Fr. Jose Vettiyankal, V.C., Provincial Superior and pioneer of the Divine Mercy Movement in Bangalore.

2) Fr. George Panackal, V.C.
3) Fr. George Arackal
4) Fr. Mathew Kakkaltapilly, V.C.
5) Fr. George Xavier
6) Bro. Jayanand
7) Fr. Anildev
8) Fr. Martin
Many miracles, healings, signs and wonders took place. Some of the testimonies are given on this website.
"Fear not. I am with you."
The women left the empty tomb of our Lord with fear and joy. (Mt. 28:8) Why did they have fear in their minds? Because their Master, Jesus was crucified and buried. Now, what would happen to the disciples ? If the Master is killed, would the disciples be spared? The apostles and disciples were also fearful because of the sad things happening in the life of their Master. So we see, there was enough reason to have fear in their lives. But they left the empty tomb also with joy in their hearts because their Master is alive. That gave them joy.
We may not have fear of enemies now, because we may be free from the fear of enemies. But we have so many other types of fear in our lives. When I was here in Logos in 2001, one family came here with a lot of fear in their minds. They had a child 8 months old, born blind. No eyesight. Thinking of the future of that boy, the mother was fearful. And also, the family members as well. I said to them, “Fear not. Our Lord is alive”. What He did 2000 years ago for His people, He will continue to do even today during the celebration of His life, the Eucharistic Celebration. “Fear not, our Lord is alive!”. So they participated in the Eucharistic Celebration, the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, with signs and symbols, hymns and praise. They didn't notice anything special in the eyes of the child. That night they took a train to Chennai to have better treatment there. By 11.30 a.m. on the following day, they reached Chennai and went to the hospital. There, they noticed that the child was responding to the actions of the Doctor. He was responding properly. Their fear was taken away! Joy filled their hearts !. Yes, The Lord is alive to continue what He started 2000 years ago and He continues it for our benefit even today and He will continue to do it tomorrow and forever. Praise the Lord, Alleluia !
Four weeks ago, I was in Berlin Vincentian Ashram. There we have started a Divine Mercy Centre for the people in the city of Berlin. When I celebrated the Eucharist, I saw a man with crutches in both hands, helped by his wife and sitting on the wheel chair. He came for the participation of the Eucharistic Celebration. Jesus is the same in Logos, in Berlin, everywhere in the world and in Palestine. He is alive. He does what He did years ago. So we celebrated the Holy Mass for all, especially for the fulfillment of 9 intentions. At the end of the Holy Mass we had a short prayer for the sick people and I asked for their testimonies. I asked this man, especially, because I had perceived in my spirit that he was healed. I asked him to come forward He was sitting there, not responding, as if he was not healed. His wife provoked him and told him “give me the crutches and go”. He didn't respond. She was angry with him and told him “all these years I have suffered, I carried you, I helped you. Now you are healed. Father asked you to come. Why are you sitting here. Go and give your testimony.” In response, the man got angry and muttered “my wife is angry with me in a holy place”. In a fit of rage, he gave the crutches to his wife and he stood up to walk. And walked all the way to the stage ! What a wonderful testimony. One person took a video of it for the benefit of others who did not come. That day, that man went home fully healed. Praise the Lord! He was healed of his physical disability of over eight years.
Jesus is alive. His tomb is empty. He is with us now. I have visited his empty tomb eight times in Jerusalem. It is written there “He is not here. He has risen”. That is true. So wherever we go, we see Him. We experience Him. Whenever we celebrate His life through the Eucharistic Celebration, He does the same what He did 2000 years ago. He is fully alive and He is with us. So He says to us “Fear not because of your disease, fear not because of your troubles”.
About 5 years ago, when I was here in Bangalore in Logos, a family-father, mother and their child came here. The child was crying very loudly shouting “kill me, kill me, don't allow me to live. It is over.” He was suffering from a horrible disease. There were blisters and boils all over the skin and there was bleeding also inside the skin. And small drops of blood were coming out. His mother was wiping away the blood from his body. It was so painful that the boy kept crying “kill me, it is better to kill me. I don't want to live.” The family was from Hutchins Road, in Bangalore. I told them, “you must believe that Jesus is alive for you and for your son”. They agreed. I assured them that Jesus would heal their child if they followed the instructions.
Accordingly, they visited the Blessed Sacrament, sat down there and prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, went home and continued the prayers. Last year I came here. They participated in the Divine Mercy Novena and Feast. They came with a joyful heart. They said, “years ago we came with fear and sorrow, now we have come here with joy and peace to give our testimony. Our son is alive. He is studying in Dubai where we now live. He has no sickness, no disease. He is healed”.
Do you have fear in your lives? Do you have sorrows in your life? Do you have difficulties? Jesus says “Fear not, I am alive for you. If I am alive, why do you have fear?”. Two thousand years ago, Jesus said to his disciples, “I am alive. Peace be with you. Fear not”. Today, too, He is alive. Romans: 10:9 says that if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved - You will be saved, you will be healed. You will be blessed. Your sins will be forgiven. He is alive. That gives us a lot of joy and consolation.
Some people may believe that Jesus is no more. He is not alive. So they cry very loudly.
In St. John's Gospel, chapter 11 Lazarus had been dead for four days. His body was putrid, sending out a foul smell. He was buried in a tomb. Both his sisters were crying as if there were no remedy for this. They said to Jesus, “Jesus if you had been here, our brother would not have died. Now it is over. You can do nothing now”.
Jesus said “don't say that there is no remedy”. His sisters thought that, four days after Lazarus' death, there was no hope. If Jesus had been here when he was sick, then there would have been some hope. If Jesus had been there just after the death, he could have done something. But after 4 days there was no hope. They were crying as if there were no remedy. Jesus said, “I have already told you, if you believe, you will see miracles and power”. God is powerful, we will experience that power by faith. If you have faith you will experience the power. The power in your weakness, the power in your weak body, the power in your difficulties.
Jesus said, “Lazarus come out” Powerful words. He came out. He was alive. He walked with Christ. He lived with the family for long. Earlier, there were fears, sorrows, disappointments. Now, there was joy! Sometimes people cry as if Jesus is no more. He is not there. But Jesus is alive and so He says “fear not”. Your problems and difficulties will disappear, your sickness will be healed. If not I will bring you joy in your suffering. Fear not, I am alive for you.
Do you believe that Jesus is alive for you and me ? Do you believe that Jesus can do a miracle for you now? Do you believe that all will be healed today ? Do you believe that people will be healed in the distance, those who are not here ? Alleluia !
Thank you Jesus ! Praise you Jesus ! Trust in the Lord always. He will do only good things for you.
Even though we feel negative and think that there are no blessings for us, He is always blessing us. He is always healing. Always transforming. Believe and trust in Him You will receive something special when you pray.
One day I saw a paralysed woman in the front row when I was in Chembur Ashram. Her name was Dora. She was a teacher and she came for the Holy Mass. Nothing happened during the Eucharistic Celebration. After the Mass, we prayed for the sick. She went home as she came for the Holy Mass. Without any change. She was not sure that she was healed.
At the right time, the Lord heals and touches. During the night, she had a wonderful dream and Jesus appeared with a smiling face. She saw the joyful, powerful presence of the Lord being filled in the room. It was only a dream and Jesus said “I healed you when you attended the Eucharistic Celebration”. But the manifestation of the healing was not there. Now I want to tell you that you are fully healed. When the priest celebrated the Holy Mass I was there. I was celebrating the Mass. I want to tell you this truth, now.” She thought it was only a dream. But the following day when she got up she experienced that her body was strengthened. She was healed. The next day I saw her in the front row of the church. She was blessed, healed and was now giving her testimony after the Holy Mass. Jesus is alive!. Praise the Lord!. God blesses and heals you at any time. In your sleep, he will bless you. When you go to Him, you will be healed. When you speak to others about your blessing, you will receive more blessings. When you pray for other people you will be healed. Because Jesus is so generous in His healing. He is so generous and He gives His children whatever they need.
Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus !
- Adapted from the talk given by Fr. Jose Vettiyankal VC,
Provincial Superior at Logos, Bangalore
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